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Initial Training

Technical Training
Product Training

We offer one-on-one training program in the professional classroom to get exposed to the cooking skills of all products and seasoning. Also, trainees are given opportunities to learn those skills and techniques in our busy kitchens.

Standardized Flavors

We guarantee a standardized process to better regulate and simplify the production and operation. We invite professional chefs to customize the flavors in accordance with local tastes.

Management Training
  • Position Distribution

  • Staffing

  • Kitchen Process

Operation Training
Cost Management
  • Procurement Cost
  • Human Cost 
  • Price System
On-site Management
  • Service Quality
  • Food Quality
  • Emergency Plans
Publicity Training
  • 01
    Practical operation of new media
  • 02
    Promotion and publicity on traditional media
  • 03
    Cooperation of all media platforms

Extensive Training

Ingredients & Dishes

1、Standard for Procurement: The company  provides hotpot seasoning and oil to all stores.

2、Standard for Local Suppliers. 

3、Standard Local Price.

85%-90%of our ingredients are locally purchased.

10%-15%of the special ingredients (such as peppercorn and chilies) need to pre-ordered.

Instructions on Opening New Restaurants
  • Target Customers
    We are competent in giving instructions on the local consumption ability, cultural background and the actual restaurant investment.
  • Brand Attribute
    We determine the brand attribute or the rand’s DNA by the actual situation of the restaurant and the target customers.
  • Furnishing Style
    We also accurately choose the furnishing style as well as the arrangement of facilities, main hall, and the kitchen in terms of its brand and potential customers.
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