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MaoJiaoHuoLa, the icon of Chuanchuan Xiang Skewers in Chengdu, selects the fresh and high-quality ingredients and restores the civic lifestyle and Chuanchuan culture of the old Chengdu with its traditional cooking skills and flavors. Over the past seven years, you may find long lines in about six and half years in front of the restaurant. Not only does it attract hundreds and thousands of local diners, but MaoJiaoHuoLa also captivates celebrities in and out of China while at the same being put in the spotlight by numerous popular media. Since then, it has become a phenomenal hit in catering business on and off line. As the pioneer in transforming the catering industry, Chengdu Ding Yi Sheng Catering Management Corporation has a series of brands under its name, including MaoJiaoHuoLa Chuanchuan Xiang, Try N’ Bite Hotpot, High Joy Town Sichuan Cuisine, and Eat Chuan Chuan Skewers. We have successfully established a commercial and modern supply chain system, ranging from procurement, storage, dispatch, production, and distribution, in an effort to provide a one-stop solution scheme for the catering industry. 

Rewards in 2019

“Top 50 Greasy Spoons in 2019” by Mindless Eating

“TOP 10 Catering Brand in Sichuan” by National Radio & Television Gourmet Allies

“The Starred Restaurant in 2019” by Chengdu Ally & YDNew Media

Rewards in 2018

“Top 10 Must-eat Chuanchuan Skewers in Chengdu” by New Style & New Media

“Must-eat List” by Dianping

“Pioneer of Aesthetic Life” by Chengdu Economic Daily

“The Most Popular Chuanchuan Skewers” by “Sichuan Taste” of Sichuan Television Station

“Top 50 Greasy Spoons in 2018” by Mindless Eating

Culture & Standards

  • Secret Seasoning

    Repetitively stir-fried, the secret hotpot seasoning in MaoJiaoHuoLa uses 100% vegetable oil and multiple selected spices.

  • Traditional techniques

    We’ve passed down the traditional skills and techniques to extract the aroma from 36 kinds of spices rather than chemical additives.

  • Secret Seasoning

    Restoring the original flavor (We always aim to restore the hotpot original and unique chili heat and numbing taste on Huanhou Alley of old Chengdu, a taste that is much more intense and long-lasting.


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